send your car rental business to the next level of professional and intelligent car rental system.

  • Smoother Design
    We choose the design through our feelings and experience, we need to give our client the feel of peace, warm and the freedom, so what we give is what we really feel.
  • Intelligent Profiles
    the new version of node car rental system brings the most intelligent profiles system that it recognizes all of your cars, customers, orders, contracts and transactions with an “all in all connections” summary.
  • Advanced Reports
    All you need to think about, is how can the node car rental system make my working hours more easy?, OK, that’s already achieved through the “all in all” connection, so all of all reports already are here with the on time search engine.
  • Easy Integrations
    the most important thing in node car rental system is that all your office personnel work in one system, as it’s in the UAE, the Traffic fines and SALIK Credit are automated + SMS integration, with node car rentals API system you can do more an more than you think, be assured of the future of your office system.
  • Multilingual
    node car rental system work with Multilingual and its already (Arabic (fully RTL) – English) and you can create your own language file, don’t be closed because of your single language at node cars rental system your local language can be served easily.
  • Access form Any Where
    node car rental system 3rd version can be accessed from any where from any device, its responsive, all you need is a web browser and internet connection That’s all.
  • Huge Permissions
    Now you can Create, Edit and Manage Unlimited Users and assigning Unlimited Roles and Permissions to their Unlimited Groups.
  • Third Party Access
    With our new car rental system, now you can give a username and password to any one you want to access a specific data in your system with the permissions and IDs that you gave.
  • Printing Factory
    Imagine ad Design all your prints by your-self, no locks any more you can design your prints template as much as you want, and you can grab data to your print template from any profile in the system, with our easy WYSIWYG ( What you see is what you get ) Drag and Drop Printing Editor.
  • ID Card Reader
    Adding customers within a second by our U.A.E ID Card Reader.
  • Traffic Fines
    Auto Traffic Fines Importing and TF discount updating with live updates for all types of traffic fines with direct access to uae traffic fines police system.
  • Salik
    Auto Salik portal and balance importer.
  • Bar Code System
    Activate bar code generator and speed your search process and leave away searching headache, Working with all bar code readers hardware, there is no minimum requirement to use this feature.
  • QR Code Generator
    What about letting your customer tracking their orders from their smart phones, its great, right?, with our new auto QR Generator you can give this fast and easy tracking solution to your customers.
  • Multi-Columns Filtering
    You have a lot of data, you can find what you are looking for with a little information, with our new filtering technology, AJAX powered, you can search millions of entries easily by multiple columns filtering.
  • Update on the GO
    With this totally new web application you can upload a file, image, photo directly from your mobile camera from any where to your system, as will as updating, editing and adding new entries.
  • Fully Dynamic CP
    You are an administrator or business owner, your employee make a mistake on any field in the system, you want to edit it easily?, take a look at System Settings section.
  • Huge Features
    More than +70 features already added to the new version of node cars rental system.

Some of Node Car Rental System Clients

  • Social Security Fund (Fazaa)
  • Al Omara International Rent a Car
  • Al Shaheen Rent a Car
  • Trans World Rent a Car
  • Al Janah Al Dahabi Rent a Car
  • Ovaron Rent A Car
  • Titanic Rent a Car
  • Arkan Rent a Car
  • Corner Rent A Car – Qatar
  • Al Dhaheri Rent a Car
  • SLR Rent a Car
  • Tawasl Rent a Car
  • Thunders Rent a Car
  • Special Rent a Car – Bahrain
  • Al Dalil Rent a Car
  • Gear One Rent a Car
  • Dragon Rent a Car
  • Miles & Miles Rent a Car
  • Uptown Rent a Car
  • High Sky Rent a Car
  • Horse Power Rent a Car
  • Auto Jet Rent a Car
  • Masterkey Rent a Car
  • Al Fada Rent A Car
  • Monte Carlo Rent A Car
  • Zorro Rent a Car
  • Qasayed Rent a Car
  • Private Car Rent a Car
  • E-Power Rent a car
  • Horses Power Rent a Car
  • High Quality Rent a Car
  • Monaco Rent a Car
  • Abjer Rent A Car
  • Arab Tower Rent a Car
  • Perfect Rent a car
  • Red Car Rent a Car
  • Four Seasons Rent a Car
  • Serious Rent a Car
  • Chance Rent a Car
  • Bentley Rent a Car
  • Road King Rent a Car
  • Al Snaafe Rent a Car
  • Codes Rent a Car
  • Black Horse Rent a Car
  • City Night Rent a Car
  • Al Farha Rent Car
  • Smart Rent a Car
  • Alyamm Rent a Car
  • Low Price Rent a Car
  • From A2Z Rent a Car
  • Park Line Rent a Car
  • Al Faraenah Rent a Car
  • Easy Rent a Car
  • First Class Rent a Car
  • Royal Lines Rent a Car
  • Tokyo2 Rent a Car
  • Al Qeyada Rent a Car
  • Al Arqoob Rent a Car
  • Seven Eleven Rent a Car
  • Afamia Car Rental
  • The Car Lounge Rent a Car
  • Seven Milez Rent a Car
  • 60 Seconds Rent a Car
  • Najmat Isis Rent a Car
  • Jernas Rent a Car
  • Al Almya Rent a Car
  • Malek Al Rafdeen Rent a Car
  • Target Rent a Car (Branch 1)
  • High Sky Rent a Car
  • Emirates Towers Rent a Car
  • Scorpion Rent a Car
  • Gazel Rent a Car
  • Gloria Rent a Car
  • Bumuqiria Rent a Car
  • Al Areef Rent a Car
  • Ahlan Rent a Car
  • Al Seyada Car Rental
  • Al Shayea Car Rental
  • Al Otaibi Rent a Car
  • Dream Adventure Car Rental
  • Al Wakeel Car Rental
  • Classic City Rent a Car
  • Fly Cars Rent a Car
  • Hadi Qublan Al Hajiri Transportation – Saudi Arabia

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